About the book.
Nothing Could Be Further is a book of games and guesses. Please be advised that it may include such narrative allergens as anacoluthon, indexicality, mesmerism, and silverware.

Attentive readers will discern a simple but elegant algorithm by which to score their own enjoyment. Remember that half-points can be redeemed in subsequent readings.

If in doubt, bravo!

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new - longlisted for 2012 ReLit Awards

a quick and clever read  Publisher’s Weekly

fabulous and fable-like The Danforth Review

i was held in the moment Jacqueline Valencia

About the author.

Tim Conley’s fiction, poetry, essays, and translations have appeared in journals in seven countries.  His books include Whatever Happens (2006) and The Encyclopedia of Fictional and Fantastic Languages (with Stephen Cain, 2006).

He lives in St. Catharines, Ontario, and teaches at Brock University.

isbn. 978-0-9869605-0-5.

Nothing Could Be Further

Tim Conley





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Tim Conley


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